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Jul 3, 2010
Adirondacks, NY
First off, I do not have any pictures of this yet but I plan to post some ASAP.

I have just acquired a couple of old mechanical sirens to add to my collection.

1) I have a Sireno J-1-8 that is in non working condition.

2) I'm not sure what this one is but I will assume it's a Sireno. This unit has a chrome body (motor cover) that is shaped like a bullet, then the siren, then goes to a screen that also holds a light with a red lens. The tag is destroyed and unreadable due to heavy rust and the PO painted the entire siren with silver spray paint. This siren works, I need to replace the bulb and shorten the wire a little so that it doesn't get caught in the siren. I am trying to figure out the model and type of this unit.

One thing I was able to tell is someone did a repair to this unit in the form of replacing the original light bulb mount that had been rotted out with a newer one that looks to be close to what it might have had. I'm not too concerned with this as I plan to keep this on display on my shelf and pull it down once in a while to "play" with it.

So the info I'm looking for is this...

1) What model is it? I know, pictures speak louder than words and I will get some ASAP.

2) what are these worth?

I also did get a Dietz 2-11 with the lot that needs a little work but it seems to be in half decent shape, I will need to replace the lens and do a little work on the wiring and the chrome is pitted but all in all it's not too bad...



Photos: This is the unknown siren I have, the one that works.






Looks like a Sterling Model 20 Sirenlite.
Wailer is correct, it is a Sterling 20jr Sirenlite.

If you want to do something with this light, I suggest you to contact John Dorgan (sirenman) on this board.

You can reach him at 520-790-0196 or by a messege in this board.

He restores sirens and lights and has a very well known knowleadge of old equipment.

I think he has new bases for this siren. You seems to need one.


Thank you! :D

I've heard the name John Dorgan in the past and yes I will most likely be in contact with him. Yes I do need a base for this so I'm probably going to find one when I get around to restoring this siren :)

Is there any place I can go on line for information about this siren i.e. manuals etc?
John Dorgan specializes in mechanical sirens and older beacons and lights. He has a few pics of restored Sterling mechanical sirens on his web site.

I finally got around to looking at the Sireno J18 over the weekend and I found that the primary bar that attach's to the positive lug internally is broken. I'm thinking I might be able to clean it up and solder a wire to the bar then to the lug. Has anyone had any luck doing this or is there another way I should look into so that I can get this siren working?

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