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 This section is for Completed Vehicle Installs,  Installation Projects, Custom Builds and Modifications. For Complete Installs:Pictures: Front/sides/rear shots, specifically where any warning lights/switches/controls are mounted.Please list of the following:- What does/is the vehicle do/used for- A complete list of lights/sirens/switches controllers/etc, with manufacturer info- Make/model/year of vehicle type in title

-Please be sure to add the appropriate prefix when creating the thread. Not only does this allow users to see what your vehicle is for, this also allows for faster searching by simply clicking the prefix tag.A description of how you went about installing all of the above. The more detailed, the better. The more pictures, the better.Projects:In regards to projects, this is meant for Vehicles that are in the process of undergoing a complete install. 

Builds and Modifications:

Pictures of the item you worked on, before and after pictures are always a plus. 

Some key notes: To reiterate, this is NOT the area to ask for install help, install opinions, mounting questions, advice, etc. Only post installs/projects YOU have done, if someone else did the work, we have other sections for that (vehicle media section) . Lastly, please leave discussions about lighting color/legality out of the discussion, as we have a section for that as well . If there are any questions, feel free to ask a member of the staff and we will be more than glad to assist you.

We thank everyone for their contributions to the site, and encourage all to post their installs, builds and modifications here so everyone can see your hard work, and get ideas for their own "ride"
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