Interesting patrol car problem


Jun 11, 2010
Florida, USA
We had something interesting and slightly disturbing happen at work this week. My beat partner came into work and complained that he had been having headaches when he drives his patrol car (an '07 Impala). He also said he occasionally gets the smell of raw gas inside the car. I drove his car around the parking lot and other than the smell of weed (which apparently a lot of our 2007 cars have), I don't notice anything. We took the car to one of the fire stations on the beat and asked them if they had any ideas. One of the firefighters immediately noticed my partner's face was flushed, symptomatic of possible CO poisoning. The ladder guys got the gas detector out and put it in the car for a few minutes. Sure enough, they got alarms for CO and LEL.

He took the car out of service the next shift and left it with motor pool. Curious, we started asking around. We found two other officers who have had CO poisoning while working. One of the incidents was attributed to the hole in the firewall not being sealed properly with the grommet. He doesn't have his car back yet so he doesn't know what the problem is yet.

I have an '09 Impala and have not had this issue, but I think the '09 cars were built by a different upfitter. I was just wondering if any of you have had this problem or were aware of this issue. It seems elementary but reseating the grommet and sealing it with silicone would fix this.


May 21, 2010
I don't think that there should be enough CO in the engine compartment of a properly running car to cause any problems, assuming that all of the exhaust seals are OK. If somebody high-centered the car it might have cracked an exhaust pipe or fitting or tweaked a fuel line.

A funky , improperly calibrated fuel cutoff might also contribute to a gas smell. If a non-police package limiter gets installed in a police package car, it can cause fuel feed problems that are too technical for me to understand.


May 20, 2010
I drive an 07and get funky smells in it sometimes after it's been sitting a while, but usually not gasoline. Recently, my problem has been it cranking fine a few times then randomly not starting until you jump it off. Got to the point yesterday that I was going to a hot call and the stereo kept shutting off for half a second. I got to the call and had to back up quickly to go after someone and the whole electrical system shut off for a moment when I jammed on he breaks. I ran by an auto parts store and apparently the connector for the battery's positive terminal kept coming loose. We only have 3 Impala's in the whole fleet, so the shop isn't used to working on them, which may add to the problem.


Jun 1, 2010
smell of weed (which apparently a lot of our 2007 cars have)

HAHA, funny you mention that. at least 4 of our newer style impalas always smell like weed when you get into them :lol:


Jun 11, 2010
Florida, USA
Well he got the car back. They didn't find any problems with the exhaust system. No leaks were found anywhere. Motor Pool said they replaced the in-car air filter (Impalas have those?). Anyway, my buddy says he hasn't had any problems since then. Maybe it was all in his head. :)


May 23, 2010
Northen Il USA
A few years ago. We had an ambualance call for a Deputy feeling Ill. He was parked in his car doing reports and got nausea and vomited. His partner came over to see what was going on. He said when he got there he looked like crap. We got him in the ambulance and out in the fresh air and he felt better. He was driving a 98 CVPI it was a pool car with over 120K on it. His Lt and I looked over the car and the exhaust manifold looked like swiss cheese. He called the commander who took the car out of service and had it towed to fleet.

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