IONs in 2018 Explorer XLT Headlamps?

Wondering if the required access hole and internal bracket are there in a 2018 Explorer XLT (Non-PIU) headlamp to mount the Whelen Ions for intersection warning. Just checking on the option so I can order them before I pull the front clip to mount the speaker and grille light. Dont want to have to take it off twice if I can avoid it. Thanks!
I think I've found my answer myself...I looked at the back of the headlights for the removable panel as shown in the youtube video from Tri-State Public Safety, and it appears as though the removable panel doesn't exist on the civi Explorers. The plastic nubs are there where the screws would screw into, but no removable piece. Oh well... Hopefully if anyone else was wondering this answers their question.
Alright, another question...

Has anyone tried putting Ions in a civilian headlamp? What I'm getting at is if the square cutout is embossed in the plastic and the nubs for the retaining screws are there, could you order the screws, removable piece that hold the ion, and the sealing gasket and basically retrofit the civilian model headlamps?

As another option, assuming I could find a set of PIU headlamps, would it basically be plug and play to swap them into my XLT?


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I'm prob going to try or atleast microns or soundoff fusions, Also im sure you could prob order one or find online or at a junk yard.

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