Issue with 911EP Galaxy bar


May 25, 2010
First question:

So the installer who put together our Boat Support appears to have pinched one of the wires from the black flasher brain box in the bar to the passenger side of the bar between the top cover and one of the posts. The blue connector is fine but the red connector appears to have shorted out and the rear corner of the bar will not flash.

Anyone think I can just fix the wires or do I need to replace the flasher unit? Anybody know how much a replacement brain box costs or have one laying around?

We have sent this truck back to them for numerous issues ( none of which they resolved ) so I'm looking to just fix it myself.

Second question:

The bar sits very low on to the roof of the truck and is not visible to the rear due to the custom box. It needs to go up about 2 inches to be visible. Is there a spacer kit I can install to correct this? Otherwise we just have a pair of LS12's as our rear warning ( not enough in my opinion ).
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