Japanese Patlite KW-12 Purple Beacon

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Jun 18, 2013
Here's an interesting present I just received from a Buddy in Japan.

Patlite Model KW-12, this beacon or something similar is actually required by law to be with a motor vehicle in Japan. Purple in Japan is the equivalent to Amber in the US. This beacon would be deployed outside and away from the vehicle to alert drivers of a disabled vehicle.

Japanese law requires either this or a red reflective triangle, to be used akin to what we do with road flares near a disabled vehicle.

First impressions..
This teardrop has some heft to it, the bulbs appear to be 1156 automotive bulbs and the beacon runs real quiet.
There is a lamp holder for a spare bulb inside the beacon, I find this to be a neat addition.
The Purple color is quite dark and light up brilliantly.
Cigarette lighter adapter cord is very long, probably 12+ feet easily.

Video coming in due time, I want to take it apart and give it a once over.

Patlite.jpg Patlite1.jpg
Patlite made some very high quality lights. I have a NOS high end teardrop used for police and military. Extremely quiet, fast, and amazing quality, as well as expensive.
I love your purple!


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@dmathieu Price wise you can find at least the purple ones shipped from Japan for about $60 + or - a few $$

I managed to take it apart, pretty simple, 3 screws from the top of the dome, 2x fairly long and 1 short. Insides are what I would expect from a modern beacon all plastic and a very basic friction drive.

The heft I felt is from the only metal in the beacon which is embedded in the base. My guess is to keep the beacon from toppling over when used as intended.

Another thing worth noting is that the bulb is only 23w. 1156 is slightly more powerful, I think 26w or something along those lines.

Patlite7.jpg Patlite6.jpg Patlite8.jpg
Yeah, different end of their "quality" spectrum meant for heavy duty professional use. No plastic in mine, and a list price between $300-$400. Mine's larger than the typical teardrop, Large motor, halogen bulb, and heavy. Interesting flat magnet mount. Very long cord, like you said. I like the extra bulb in yours.
Yours is a great gift, good friend who knows your likes!
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