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Japanese Q Siren ^_^!

Looks like our friends in the Land of the Rising Weirdness have made their version of a Q! It doesn't sound bad at all. The Japanese are pretty good at making sirens with really good simulated mechanical tones, IMO. Having been there, Shinjuku is a pretty busy part of Tokyo, so I can guarantee that they'd be having to contend with scores of pedestrians. That's where a good blast from a Q works best! Maybe that's why one of the firefighters is shouting so frantically over the PA. I get a kick out of that. You'd think that Rodan, Mothra, etc was on the loose (yet again). Giant creature attacks are somewhat commonplace there. Godzilla was more like a docudrama than anything. I've actually met Rodan. Had a few drinks with him. Great creature, but a mean drunk.

Also, the ambulance at the end is hauling ass by Japanese standards. Their ambulances crawl down the streets. Never seen one going faster than oh, 20 mph. They say that it's to not risk injuring the patient any more. Guess they never heard of MIs, strokes, etc. Um yeah, so say you have a severe trauma or life-threatening illness. Driving slowly ain't gonna help. Oh, and politely asking other drivers to move out of the way. I'm Canadian and I'm saying that's too polite! Guess they never heard of the Golden Hour...
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They sure took their time getting out of the house too....
Shinjuku's a busy district, too. Even a fairly small fire could and would cause pretty substantial numbers of casualties, given the population density and just how damn crowded it is there. You'd think that they'd be getting kitted up a little bit quicker.

Their emergency services there all seem to work at a really slow pace. Ambulances crawl down the streets, fire-rescue moves slowly and police take ages to show up at calls where over here, officers would be there in about five minutes, tops. Have a few stories about lackluster emergency services' responses from when I've been over there.

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