Justice Programming (one more time)

May 26, 2010
Lubbock, TX
Does anyone know where I can score a copy of the justice programming software and a cable? I finally got the 50" installed, and the patterns are lame and MUST be changed at once.

Also, if anyone has the we-can 6 button controller for sale I would appreciate it!


Oct 26, 2010
South Africa
The cable is a standard usb like you'd find on a printer but the software disc should have been supplied with the lightbar? it's not available on the net unless someone has uploaded their own copy somewhere.


May 21, 2010
OR, email Whelen and they should be able to get you a copy.
May 26, 2010
Lubbock, TX
Okay - whelen hooked me up with a copy of the software, which is awesome, but I can't figure out where to plug in my bar... The whelen rep was a lot of help so far, but there is no emc or whatever where he says it should be located. When I take the top off the bar, there is no little black box... It's a JY8 series bar, which he says SHOULD have the little black box with a USB hole... Any suggestions?


May 23, 2010
Westerly, RI
Are you sure the bar is a Wecan? Unfortunately we have seen many bar expecially Libertys that are not what customers were told them were. Ie: Libertys really being Economy Liberties, etc... There should be a serial number on the bar that you can call Whelen with. If you email it to me ill find out for you. Louis@strobesnmore.com

Also note the cable plugs into the Wecan box which is not located inside the lightbar. It would be at the end of the communication cable located inside the vehicle somewhere. Did you do the install or someone else? If so check with them to see where they mounted it.

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