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May 20, 2010
Has anyone's agency bought any used cars from Kansas Highway Patrol? We are in desperate need of some new cars [have only 2 spares, (one without AC, other it's 50/50 if the headlights will turn on) for 25 officers]. We asked for 5 this budget year, were allowed to buy 2, and just got them in last week. The new budget starts in 2 weeks and we still don't know if we will be allowed to buy more new cars, but were told we could possibly get some used ones. I know they were looking at getting an 07 or 08 CVPI for $10k, but it has 98k miles on it :shock: I would like to throw KHP out there as an option to the Chief, but would like to know how good the cars are and how the process works. Thanks!

Fast LT1

New Member
May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
They take EXTREMELY GOOD care of their cars! They maintain them very strictly and circulate them out of service at about 50k miles. Usually the troopers don't bash on their cars too bad because they are assigned cars and they are stuck with it no matter what until its time to be circulated out! I bought one of their used trucks a couple of years ago and it was the cleanest used truck i've ever had! They may also sell you their cars with lightbars and push bumpers if needed, i know i got my truck with a full lightbar and other equipment.


May 23, 2010
Northen Il USA
Ive worked on a few that were bought for replacement for cars that were totaled. The department was self insured. They were good clean cars with + or - 50K usually 2-3 yrs old. They had no holes in them other than the low band on the fender that was plugged with a large rubber hole plug.

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