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May 21, 2010
Dania Beach, Broward FL.
Hello group, please send some ilumination my way about the following questions about todays lightbars.

1) What brands are using right now rebel leds? Only Whelen? how about the ones made by Cree?

2) Is this brand offering the brighttest leds so far? or is the some others making them brightter (suittable for automotive use,? say Lightbars use)

3)What leds are used inside led takedowns and alleys lights? (last night saw one local cruiser with the takedowns on, and when faced front these were as bright as the headlights of the patrol car, very impressive, in this caseit was a Justice lightbar btw.

4) Are these hyper bright leds able to last 100.000 hrs, 50.000? or even fewer hours? I know there is an obstruction lighting beacon made by Dialight (used at the top of tall towers and mast etc) that actually puts out some serious 20.000 candle power, that´s bright, of course it uses like 4 round levels full of white leds in a parabolic reflector design, I don´t know if there is anything brighter then that using leds today, but I wonder if heat managment, light output, and optical technics have found the limit or is there still more brightest and durable led lights in industry?

Thanks for the feedback and help,

Are you sure you mean Candlepower, 20,000 CP is not that extraordinary. A 35 watt 4416 puts out 35,000 CP. The new Whelen par 46 led spotlight replacement is rated at 100,000 CP. IMHO, lumen output is a much better gauge of LED brightness.
yes of course I know those beacons are used on telecom towers etc, My questions were regarding the brand and durability of such bright led lights like the ones used in the Takedown, halleys of todays led lightbars and also used in the beacons I mentioned above.
Probably pretty good LED's and good durability if a company like that warranties them for 5 years of continuous duty cycle.. More so seeing as that performs a critical function.

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