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May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
I recently got my hands on a pair of 3 LED TIR style and 6 LED Linear style LEDs from LED Outfitters

Appearance- The heads look rugged, sturdy. They seem very similar in construction to LEDs I have seen from major national manufacturers. There are 4 wires Power, Ground, Pattern and synch. The only thing I noticed that I didn't like on the external exam was the wires seem a bit brittle/inflexible. This shouldn't be an issue once you splice on your wiring and mount them.

Performance- 22 patterns on the linear, 11 on the TIR with synch feature. The patterns are pretty standard, and are listed in the links below. The lights performed great. I ran them for hours, no heat build up or failures. I can't tell the difference between these and other modern well made LEDs as far as light output.

Price- $20 each for the TIR 3 LED and $40 each for the 6 LED Linear, which is great considering the output.

Over all these are great LEDs at a great price. I would love to see someone build a custom lightbar with these. You could do a linear 8 head bar for under $250... or add them to an existing bar.

I will be mounting these for some real world testing soon, stay tuned.




Over all -8

Bad quality video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNXpRHNyYtY

Linear specs- http://ledoutfitters.com/index.php?targ ... uct_id=119

TIR specs- http://ledoutfitters.com/index.php?targ ... duct_id=52

Sale Thread- viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7585






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May 20, 2010
My set have now been running since the 13th of this month- Only turned them off for 5 hours once... and they are still blinking great.. a tad warm, but nothing to be concerned about.

Figure over 200 hours of 12 volt testing is good for now.. :)

I've finally unhooked them. Going to mount them for winter testing (long term) once a minor detail is worked out.


Sep 7, 2010
Ontario Canada
Just got mine!

Around 2 week shipping from USA to Canada ... pretty damn good especially since there were no taxes/duty/brokerage fees!

Got some SEM3, LIN4s and two SEM6 lightheads.

I agree with everyone else. Seem well made, have a good heft to them, the SEM6s have pretty significant heat sinks attached which is great to see.

Patterns are as advertised, and all lights are as bright as any other brand.

Very, Very happy with them.

Was pissed off for about 10 minutes because one of the 6 diode monsters didn't work. Then I read the instructions and realized "off" was a pattern :oops:

Thanks, should work great.


Ontario Canada

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