LED X 2100 boredom project


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Feb 3, 2017
Northern Virginia
I wound up with five LED X 2100 lightbars last summer and they've just been taking up space. When a shipment of car parts I was expecting failed to show up yesterday, I got a wild hair and started tinkering with one of them. Before I knew it I was pulling others apart and swapping things around. I got up early this morning and much to my wife's chagrin I got right back to it. I wound up taking apart four different red/blue bars with narrowsticks and made one all-blue bar. There are twelve Optix 6-UP modules, four forward facing, four rearward facing, and the four in the corners. In the center housing there are two forward and two rear LED X modules. The four rear facing Optix modules on either side are actually master/slave flasher units from corner modules but wired so the inner right module is slave to the outer left and the inner left is slave to the outer right. I chose to wire them this way so there is diversity in the flash between the modules that are side by side. Oh, and the two inner-most rear Optix modules have wide-angle lenses from corner modules, just for variety. This thing is intensely bright, and my little 19 amp power supply has no problem powering it. All the modules are wired for dimming, so I may try that out.

Also notice how another of the stuff in the background is flourescing, like a couple of my wife's weights and some of the kids toys - makes me wonder/worry how much UV these LEDs are putting out!




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Aug 5, 2011

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