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I have been in the EMS equipment industry for a while and I realized that there is something missing. I was speaking to an elightbar member recently, and we were discussing that there are currently only two options available; paying high prices for high end brand name goods which have their quality and company behind it, or paying much less for lesser brands who do not support their product and sell inferior quality goods. What is missing is something in the middle; a brand that will cost less, yet not compromise quality and still offer superior support.




I have been on elightbars before and was criticized. I took that criticism to heart and made it my mission to reshape my brand and its offerings.



I have gone to great lengths to supply the right merchandise with great quality while maintaining a low cost.



While it is seemingly not possible to have good quality and maintain competitive pricing, we at LED Equipped, have made it our sole focus to offer just that to the market. We take pride in the ability to bring a high quality product to the marketplace and cater to all budgets without exception. 



We all know that there are glitches sometimes, but the companies who pay attention to glitches and rectify them are the ones who succeed. We support our goods and we are there for our clients with every need and challenge. Many have bought from us and can attest to that fact.  



In no way am I here to say that I am “Code 3” or “Whelen”, I am not. I am here for the middle class. People can not always afford the high priced items and are of the notion that the only way to get great products is by purchasing expensive brands. That is where we step in; we strive to supply great products that are still affordable.



We have come a long way and we plan to go much further. 




With that said,


LedEquipped serves as a distributor of emergency vehicle equipment; we stand behind all our products and offer a 3 year warranty on our merchandise. We specialize in all police lights, fire lights, emergency lights, warning lights, police LED lights, warning vehicles, construction lights, construction warning lights, strobe kits, visor lights, LED deck and dash lights, LED grill lights, and construction beacons. All of our LED products feature powerful up do date Generation LED lighting, perfect for your police, fire, construction, or EMS vehicle! LedEquipped focuses on a mission to carry out business ethically and with integrity, provide powerful products of the highest quality, maintain excellent and affordable prices and to establish a great customer service relationship and trust with our costumers. As a provider of emergency vehicle lighting, we value the honesty, professionalism, and expertise present within our customer base. We hope to provide all our customers with the highest quality of emergency vehicle lighting, including police lights, fire truck lightbars, construction beacons, visor lights, LED lighting, strobe lightbars, LED deck and dash bars, LED grille units, speakers and sirens, and strobe kits.



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We are glad to announce that we just relaunch our site!

I hope you guys like it!!


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