Light head Install question

Oct 27, 2010
Irving TX
For anyone who has installed a 900 series or anything on an ambulance, or fire engine, etc. etc. What do you use to cut through the skin on the vehicle. One should avoid making sparks right? Or does it matter?


Dec 16, 2010
USA Southwest
are you installing a 900 strobe or halogen, or a surface mount LED version? If its just the LED version, used a 3/4 or 1" hole saw.

For a Strobe or halogen, drill a quarter inch hole in the body and then use a jigsaw and cut teh body out. Or if the skin is thin enough, you could use tin snips or shears. but then you would have to file down the sharp edges.
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
What I do is the following:

- Take the rubber gasket for the light and tape it to where you want to mount the light

- Then, trace around the gasket in tape and mark the mounting holes with a sharpie

Then you can remove the gasket and see the space you have to work with for the light...

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