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Had an account here for several years but just had a good reason to become active on the forums. Recently purchased a Ford C8000 Pierce Pumper from a local county airport. The truck was in service until 2001-ish and has under 10k miles when it was purchased. It has a set of Federal AeroDynic mini bars that I am in the process or cleaning and mounting and came with a Federal Signal PA-300 that I sadly had to temporarily replace with a knockoff. Just purchased a Federal Q that I am hoping to grille mount to replace the 100W speaker horn which will be moved under the front bumper and swapped for a newer pancake 100W.

Happy to have the hive-mind here at eLB to consult as things progress.

On a side note, the family wants a name for the truck so I'm open to any suggestions for him.

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Welcome to eLB! Looks like you already know this is a great group and the collective knowledge here is just amazing! That truck looks nice and clean! :)
pretty much anything with an Aerodynic on it is a win in my book.


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what about Old Reliable? or Cramped Quarters? why arent we allowed to ride on the tails anymore? we can attach harnesses to ourselves and maybe a Long Cable and wheels and go Surfing off the back...... WHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


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the portable car washer? no wait the Portable Shower and dishwasher! hey I played Grumpy in the ITV ( broward schools television channel ) broadcast of snow white and the 7 Dwarfs .... but that was in elementary school.

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Oh Pete, you are so politically incorrect! They are little people.
I'm sorry, Jazz, but if I'm walking thru the woods and I find some cute girl with a bunch of 14 inch
"little people" - - - - - - - I'm running away from the dwarfs.
Just saying. . . . . .
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