Looking at the Feniex Apollo Mini lightbar. Few questions.

Like the fact it has 8 modules and the flood option. I'm a little unclear on how one is supposed to spec it out. Here is my scenario..

Extreme color option. Can I split the module colors? (4 Amber 4 white)

I would like the flood option also. But is there a takedown option as well? I was a little confused looking at the Feniex website.

Anyone else have this bar yet? Opinions? Thoughts?

Also, is the Apollo line typically brighter than the standard Feniex led's?
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Contact Nic at FEVER Inc. He is a member here and quite knowledgeable with Feniex products
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The "Extreme" color option means each head is 6 LEDs of the same color, as opposed to a "split" head with 3 of one color and 3 of another.  You can get whatever color combos you wants in extreme - a red head, a blue head, a green head, a white head, and an amber head all on the same bar, with 3 additional of your choosing if you desire.  So yes, you can get 4 Amber and 4 White heads, arranged however you want.

If you get the flood option, each head will be 3 of the primary color you choose and 3 white.  If you go this way, don't specify any white heads. You can't mix "extreme" heads with "flood" option - it's one or the other.

I believe you can also get a TD module in addition to the flood mode being available.  Not sure if you can get both on the same bar.

The Cobras and Apollos all use the same LEDs.  The difference is the lenses.  Since the Apollo lens disperses the projected light over a wider area, it's less concentrated and appears slightly less bright head on.  Actual output is the same though.  (Picture an old Mag flashlight with the beam set to "spot", then with the head rotated out to "flood".  Same bulb, just different focal point made the flood appear less bright due to it being less focused).


Thanks PJD642. That was a very helpful description.

I 'm going to go over the specs on the Apollo and Cobra again and go from there.


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Even though the single color Apollo has better 360 degree coverage and 33% more diodes?
if you are not going to properly equip your vehicle with secondary lighting go with the Apollo, but you loose on distance warning.  

The Cobra is heads and tails better for throw. I commonly push my customers towards the cobra line for the better value and better straight on warning.  

For things sitting roadside, I tell people to go with cobra.  You don't typically need as much off axis unless you are breaking intersections. Event then, you should have proper secondary warning because relying on a mini lightbar for breaking an intersection is not exactly the safest idea. 

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