Looking for donations for fire/rescue group


Sorry, I posted in the wanted section as I didn’t realise we had this section.
Anyhow howdy, long time member. Have bought a few items on here and what not. I was in a different brigade many moons ago. Have now moved to Australia but have recently started a group back home (philippines) and so far with our funds we’ve managed to get a pumper and ambulance. Both now operational. But I was hoping some kind hearted people on here might be themselves or know someone or people who may be looking to donate ppe and what not. So I guess helmet,jacket, pants and boots. Will take any size really. Beggars can’t be choosers. (Although being Asian smaller probably suits lol) that would be the main thing. Apart from that I guess any other rescue related item that you’d like do move on. Not that many would remember but in the phils volunteer firies or groups get no aid from govt. only through directors and sponsors which this group has none bar 2 directors and one of them is myself. Happy to pay if priced cheap (and I’m sorry I mean CHEAP) but obviously happy to cover shipping. I’ve kindly asked a cousin of mine in NYC to use his address so he can pool the stuff and send it off to us in one go. Again, any donation accepted. (I’m also trying to find VHF radios for the truck and ambulance as at the moment we’re relying on our handheld units.
Thank you!!!!!

attached photos of our truck and ambulance. (Which is sad compared to everywhere else in the world ) 6E56069D-582F-4830-BB03-37C0416D9AC8.jpegB2CD615B-7513-4649-BEF2-A9F436ADFC9A.jpeg

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