looking for manufacturing dates for old sirens

dale cohen

May 25, 2010
cleveland ohio
So I am looking at putting together a chart of dates when old sirens wwere in use.

I am hoping to find the beginning of production and end of production for the following sirens:

i have some information I found searching the web, but would like input to verify or correct what i have.

PA1 production began 1958 ended 1960 ?

PA5 production began 1960 ended 1962 ?

PA10 production began 1960 ended 1962 ?

PA15 production began 1962 ended 1966 ?

PA20 W/ ALERT production began 1962 ended 1966 ?

PA15A SERIES A,B,C,D production began 1966 ended 1972 ?

PA20A SERIES A,B,C,D production began 1966 ended 1972 ?

PA15A SERIES E production began 1972 ended 1987?

PA20A SERIES E production began 1972 ended 1987?

PA70 production began 1973 ended ?

PA100 began 1973 ended ?

PA150 began 1974 ended ?

PA170 began 1973 ended ?

PA200 began 1974 ended ?

PA1000 began 1974 ended ?


May 24, 2010
Here is what I know so far:

PA1 & PA2: 1958-1959.

PA10: 1960- early 1962.

PA5: 1961-early 1962.

PA15 & PA20: late 1962 - 1966. Low-pitched wail and yelp tones, both sirens have 'alert' tone.

Early PA15A & PA20A: 1967 - 1971. 1D and 2D introduced in 1969 - more D series than earlier units, so production must have extended into the very early 1970s. Low-pitched wail and yelp tones.

PA15A series 1E and PA20A series 2E: supposedly introduced in 1970, but I did not hear these sirens until 1973. Wild guess: 1972-1982. High-pitched wail and yelp tones.

PA70 and PA100: 1972-1975? Both sirens are in the 1975 Federal catalogue.

PA200: 1974-1989

PA1000: 1975-1984? PA2100 replaced the PA1000 in the early to mid 1980s.

PA150: 1980s - not sure exactly what years produced, but it was intended to replace the PA15A series 1E.

PA170: early to mid 1980s - again. not sure about start and end dates of production

PA300: 1983 to present. 1980s models have a slow rising wail tone. Black faced control panel introduced during late 1980s.

Black Hoe

May 21, 2010
Long Island, NY
I believe the Series E PA-15A Director & PA-20A Interceptor were manufactured from 1973 until 1988. The PA-200 was from 1973-1989. The PA-1000 was from 1974-1985. All 4 sirens had the higher pitched tones using basically the same circuitry with the 200 and 1000 being rated for 200-watts using 2 speakers.

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