Looks like I'll be resigning


May 20, 2010
I am with a very small department (less than 25) in a very small town and I have had it with the politics and corruption.

A LT and Sgt got caught falsifying documents after losing drug evidence and lied to the DA. As punishment, they got 6 month demotions (rank only, no loss of pay) and were recently returned to their rank. While demoted, the Lt (supposed to be Sgt) refused to wear his stripes, wrote himself in on his time card for times he was not there, would drive his city vehicle to his kid's little league games (on the clock, 10-8) and not answer calls or be in uniform, went out on the radio at a wedding while only one of his officers were en route to a large fight, etc. The chief knew all about this yet did nothing.

Earlier this year, an officer left the dept and moved away for about 6 months. Due to him being best friends with one of the brass, when he came back, he was given all his old equipment, including a brand new smart phone. This wouldn't be a big deal if other patrolmen were given phones, too, and if the Sgt's, who are issued phones, had ones even half as good as his smart phone (the one my Sgt is issued isn't even made anymore). He was also caught driving his car out of county, off duty, rather than leaving it at the county line per sop. Word got to the mayor, which prompted the city to say no more cars being taken to the line for those of us who live out of county. In response, the officer turned in his two weeks notice, recending it a week later in exchange for a promise of promotion to corporal from the chief.

Also, the day the new car rule came down, I met with the chief, capt, patrol Lt, and my Sgt about me losing my to-the-line car, knowing it wouldn't change the policy but wanting to voice my opinion of our 'one person screws up, we all get punished' policy. Well, one of the above (don't think it was my Sgt or the chief, not sure about the other two) told the officer/Cpl and several others that I went into the office and b----ed until they took away the other guy's car, apparently not knowing I had lost mine, too. I'm now blackballed in my own department for something I did not do.

The chief will also call an officer a liar if they disagree with a complaint made by a citizen, will dismiss tickets without talking to the officer (though state law says only the writer and judge can do this), reduce DUI's to reckless driving, and OR people just because of who their family is, regardless of what they did.

I arrested a girl on a Sunday for suspended license, he OR'ed her because her grandfather's brother is a semi-big wig in the county, and she was arrested again by my Sgt on Fri for the same charge after she caused an accident and was again OR'ed. The other driver was also suspended, thus also taken to jail, but was not OR'ed and even plead guilty in court without knowing the girl's charges had been dropped...twice.

The sad thing is, this isn't even half of the stuff that has happened in the past few months but it gives you a picture of what I am dealing it. I feel like I am compromising my morals by working there and I can't stand for that. I have only been a LEO for a year and know the economy sucks, but I am blessed with my family owning a business where I can work until I find a new LE job and I am only 3 classes away from being able to apply to nursing school if I choose. I'm sorry this was such a long post, but I am frustrated, sad, disillusioned, and at my wits end. Please give me advice and encouragement if you can!


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Jun 10, 2010
Georgia, United States
So, leave. AFTER you have a gig in your pocket. To do otherwise would be foolish.

I work in Ga as well, NW to be exact. Nowhere near your issues, by a huge margin.

Youy might be wells advised to watch out for your own interests and minimize your involvement w/ the admin. Make sure you have your PBA, or other dues, payed up.

Have you considered calling POST to initiate an investigation?

PM me w/ the city name.


May 23, 2010
Akron Ohio area
11b101abn said:
So, leave. AFTER you have a gig in your pocket. To do otherwise would be foolish.
+1 You may hate it now, but come in and do your 8 hours (or however long you work), and then go home. Drive around answer calls, do some traffic stops. Do everything you are supposed/required to do, and maybe even a little more. Sign in on your car on time, and stay off station as much as possible.

Play their game until you can find something better. I hate to say it, but if they find out you are leaving, they may just screw with you because they can. Small town politics sucks, but it is what it is.

Karma is a bitch, and eventually they will get their own. It may take time, but it will happen. Sooner or later an investigative reporter from somewhere will come snooping around, they always do. Coming from somebody who works for a PD just slightly larger than yours, I know the games. Trust me, the reporter will show up. One has basically been camped out at my department for a year and a half +.

Mike L.

May 21, 2010
Everett, WA
This surprises you? With the economy the way it is and jurisdictions cutting budgets it sounds like people are kissing A$$ to keep their jobs.

I left my LEO job over a pay dispute despite the fact that it was my dream job. You know what? I couldn't be happier. When a door opens you need to take the opportunity. The door opened and I left the dept. As a result I work for one of the largest companies in the country doing things I never dreamnt I would get to do. Ever have Navy F/A-18 pilots give you a thumbs up as they taxi past your patrol car? I have. Ever get to meet foreign dignataries or work with models? I got to do that too. I bought a brand new house, have 2 brand new cars, a lovely wife and 2 beautiful little girls. I wouldn't have any of that had I not left the dept. Another door has opened for me, one that is allowing me to start my own business and I am taking it. My initial indications are that I will be a success but only time will tell for sure.

One thing I know though, you will never get anywhere if you don't go through the door. If you love your job then transfer or put up with the crap. It will get better eventually. This just may be your door though and maybe you need to step through it.

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