Lorain County (OEM) Command and Communications Truck

May 22, 2010
Columbiana County, Ohio
Okay I don't know much about the specs of this truck....but I thought yall would at least look at it.

Its housed at the Lorain County 9-1-1 call center in Elyria Ohio.

Office of Emergency Management Director is the primary driver to scene but he does have a hand full of volunteers from departments that are qualified to drive.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Phones

CC TV Cameras

Flir Camera

4 Computer work stations

6 "combo radios" they can talk to anyone anywhere on any channel in the world (vhf, uhf, ham, 800, 900, etc)

Mini confrence room / sleeping quarters

Bathroom with shower

Huge Generator

Light Tower

Mini Weather Station

And... I personaly know where the box of twinkies are stashed away

[Broken External Image]:http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s85/ark_firefighter/LCOEM2.jpg

Jarred J.

Lifetime VIP Donor
May 21, 2010
Shelbyville, TN
there could have been photoed evidence of its end trip of the human digestive system before it began its trip to the local water reclamation facility.
May 22, 2010
Columbiana County, Ohio
When I get the chance I'll get the info...I really don't feel like knockin on Homeland Security's door; even if it is county level, and asking a lot of questions.

Isin't there H.A.M. radios that will let you go from VHF to UHF etc ? I would assume thats what they have...in therory



May 23, 2010
Tolland County, CT
Looks sweet. Would like to learn more about it.

ark_firefighter said:
Isin't there H.A.M. radios that will let you go from VHF to UHF etc ? I would assume thats what they have...in therory

I'm not sure if it is just a CT thing but we have "STOCS" frequencies in our UHF and VHF radios. At a multi-agency incident, a "STOCS BOX" is brought in and setup. Basically, it is just a bunch of radios that receive and transmit on all bands.

No matter what band you are on, you go to STOCS1, STOCS2, etc. and this will take UHF, VHF, 800, Low Band, etc signals and "repeats" them to each band. If you have VHF and I have UHF, we both go to STOCS1 and via these devices, we can talk to each other.

Never used it but, 2 of our border towns have these devices available should we need one.


May 24, 2010
Very nice truck. Dont know why they couldnt afford bigger lightbar. They should of put on 63inch lightbar and left most of it blank. Can u post pics of the interior.

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