For Sale Lots of Vintage Items; Thinning Out My Collection


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Jul 20, 2010
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New and Improved FOR SALE post! I've added a BUNCH of lightbars, and edited everything to be easier for everyone to read; by brand and by type. I have videos for everything, which I will provide upon request, and are viewable on my YouTube channel ( All prices are negotiable, no trades, and plus actual packing, shipping, and insurance, unless listed otherwise. Local pickup is strongly preferred from the NYC area because shipping is very expensive. All domes are complete unless otherwise stated. I will wetsand+polish the domes of any lightbar for $50 extra, and individual domes for $25 apiece. More will be added in the future. Please contact me with any further questions.
•Code 3 Bars:
-Code 3 Force 4 LP6000 Long: 2 standard outer blue rotators, 2 fast inner white rotators, diamond mirrors, and clear domes: $200
-Code 3 Force 4 LP6000 Short Lightbar (Clean): 4 standard rotators and 2 diamond mirrors: $150
-Code 3 Force 4 LP6000 Short Lightbar (Weathered): 4 standard rotators and 2 diamond mirrors. This specific lightbar is well used and will require cleaning up, however, it all functions as it should: $100
•Code 3 Parts:
-1x Oscilaser: no housing or lens: $50
-Code 3 XL all light 3- section frame: $50
-5x Code 3 XL domes red: 2x center, 3x end, all $40 each (I DO have the inserts to the open one, and will install them prior to shipping)
-2x Code 3 LP domes red: both have small cracks on the end, will display fine: $30 each, $50 pair
-1x Code 3 MX7000 red dome: $20
-2x Code 3 Oscilaser chrome bezels: $10 apiece
•Federal Signal Bars:
-3x Federal Signal JetSonics: all are untested and presumed not working. All are missing parts, dirty, and are in need of complete restoration. All have gear-driven rotators: $100 each for the JetSonics with the domes, $50 for the one without
-Federal Signal LED Beacon: clear dome, green LEDs. No-nonsense beacon for people who like green: $100
•Federal Signal Parts:
-1x Aerodynic model 25 frame: $50 -2x Aerodynic 5-panel domes, red: $150 each
-1x clear Jet-series dome: $50
-1x clear Jet-series dome with small crack: $30
-1x clear Jet-series dome with large crack: $10 –
5x Jet-series alley cap inserts: 1x red with center cutout, 1x red with off-center cutout, 2x blue with center cutout, 1x blue with off-center cutout: $20 each
-2x JetSonic nameplates: Weathered, but readable and displayable: $10 each
-2x Federal model 11/14 bases, motor cages, bulb holders (I have both bulb holders, 1 is not photographed): $40 each -2x Model 11 or 14 retaining bands, 1 with Model 11 tag, 1 without: $20 each
-1x Federal Signal StreetHawk 48” upper grill: $20
•Whelen Bars: -Whelen Edge 9000 Flush Mount: 4 strobes, red and amber lenses: $350
•Whelen Parts: None Yet
•Other Bars:
-Power Arc Model SO-SL36LB: 4 oscillating heads and red domes. A really impressive and uncommon bar, in NOS condition: $300
Other Parts
-Assorted speakers: some with projectors, some without: $20 for speaker driver only, $30 for cone and projector
-Assorted lightbar feet; ask what I have and I’ll look: $30/pair
-1x Dietz 7-40 retaining band: $30


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