For Sale M/A Com P7100ip VHF with encryption


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M/A Com P7100ip VHF with encryption - Fully Functionnal !

Fully functionnal M/A Com VHF P7170IP Portable Radio.

Comes with Antenna, Battery and I can include a shoulder mic.

P7170IP System Model, 64B-E, 136-174MHz


01 Conventional Priority Scan
04 EDACS Group Scan
05 EDACS Priority System Scan
06 EDACS/P25 ProScan (ProSound / Wide Area Scan)
07 EDACS/P25 Dynamic Regroup
08 EDACS/P25 Emergency
09 Type 99 Encode and Decode
10 Conventional Emergency
12 Digital Voice
14 DES Encryption
21 EDACS Security Key (ESK) / Personality Lock
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