Making your own 2100 bar


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May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
Its very easy to make your own 2100 series 2100 bar.

depending on full size or a mini, even a 36 inch.

All starts with a code3 excaliber bar, first strip the bar of the domes

then the rotators. This will leave you will an empty bottom excaliber

housing. You then have to decide what kind of led units your going

to use, such as pods, whelen 500 ect,.Easiest way to attach the led

unit to the bottom of the housing is using the 3m two way tap.

This tape works excellent as it with stands the the heat from the

sun after your bar is cmpelted and is mounted to your vehicle,

Once your leds are mounted insdie of the frame you have a couple

way of changing the flsh patterns, wither by using the self contained

pattern or you can set your leds to steady burn pattern and used a

aftermarket flasher. once your leds and mounted and set to flash

its time to get a set of flat top cover and attach.I used the mounting

feet that cam with my excaliber bars. Making your harness is very easy

and this light bar car be operated off using a cigarette plug.

On mini bars I highly suggest you use at least 6 95lb magnets

Hers is s list of places to get your stuff needed

excaliber bar full size or if you want a 36 inch, remove the middle.

mini excaliber , you cab wither use a regular mini excaliber bar

Sarah from Priority1 can get empty mini housings, flat domes

for your project.

Charger lighting is a very good source for the mini excaliber


Clear , brand new bottom housing and flat top for a mini




making a mini with a new housing, which is on snipers truck



below is pictures our the process of making you own 2100 bars

This was my first min excaliber with rotators and leds

ai67.photobucket.com_albums_h292_deputychief_001_8.jpg (24 inch)


This is what the mini looks like once stripped of rotators and domes



here are pictures of a 26 inch 2100 bar


Many thanks to Sarah from priority1

and Mike (Charger Lighting).

Burt Green (Pimp)

Any one needing help with making one of these bar, please feel

free as I have no problem guiding you thru the project.

The best and least expensive leds to use was pods

Some videos available by request.

Jim Rogers

Northern Lights/Sirens


Pods are the future :mrgreen:
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May 21, 2010
I assume this would work the same way if you use the lower section from an MX7k? Are the top covers the same?


May 23, 2010
Buffalo, NY
I had my excalibur setup with LX4s and cameleons on bottom. The bottom level leds were 10x's brighter than the rotators. I also used double sided tape and it worked well.


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May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
What alot of people want to do is just throw one together, well I took my

good old time trading stuff for the leds in the bar,so if you have the cash

the process is quicker. I then contacted Mike (chargerlighting) and had

him to cut me a frame from a excaliber bar, once I received the frame

I ordered the bottom housing and the two flat tops from Sarah from

priority1, then started to put the bar together. I mount the leds in the

bar with two side 3m tape, good thing about leds I used a large size

extention cord with a cigarette plug on the end of the extention cord.

I really like the idea of running led bar, either full size or mini bar

off of a cigarette plug. So as far as the price its hard to tell as I traded

for most of the leds, so my cost for the housing and cost and 3 m tape.

Contact Sarah and Chargerlighting for their prices

What I can tell you is that Its nice to make your bar one of a kind and'

no others have no light bars like mine, just thinking I have half of the cost

that a distributor could charge me. I know here is several out there that looks

like my bar I built, but its does'nt matter, cause its custom and I made it

Jim Rogers
May 21, 2010
Berlin, MI, 48002
Just to add here...if you use the Code 3 LED-X lights, you can order the stock-type of LED mounting brackets from Code 3 (or Sarah) for not much money. I think you could mount quite a few different (similar size) LEDs to those brackets rather than use the tape.

The tape works great but its' not so easy to move stuff around, etc. if you ever needed to.

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