Michigan state police lighting


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Since everyone is throwing out opinions, I guess one more wont matter.... ;)

Ive seen the sealed beam units side by side with the LEDs (have relatives living up there)
Both are excellent and highly effective
Both have pros and cons
My heart loves the sealed beam, but my brain says the LED conversions are more effective in a wider array of conditions. Given the cost to keep the motors and sealed beams in service the switch makes perfect sense.

My opinion on typical bars versus the LED MSP beacon....the beacon is better.

But I also believe less is more when it come to modern LED equipment, and frankly the lighting/patterns on most EVs today is utterly absurd. Like so many other aspects of life people usually believe 'more is better', but more often than not it isn't the case. Ive been tinkering with the LED lighting on our departments equipment as well as POV and am finding that simple patterns work better.

We recently picked up a new squad and I was able to set up the lighting. A solid red Legacy (iirc) set to Signal Alert, with the center two (as well as each end) steady burn red. On the rear are two red L31's. On the push bar are four of the dual/split head red PAR36 units (two facing forward and one each facing left & right) all four have one half set to steady burn and the other Signal Alert. Everything that isn't steady burn is synced in unison to Signal Alert, no alternating, no randomness, no spaceship.

There is also a night setting that runs all flashing lights in a (iirc) 40% steady 'cruise' mode under the flash so none ever turn off completely.

Its been amazing how many people have commented on the lighting. During the day the comments are that it grabs attention better than anything they've seen, and at night most talk about how visible yet non-distracting it is.

Operators also like it because there are only two switches to run it, one is Hi-Off-Low, the other switches the steady burns from red to white for alley/scene lights.

Less is more :)
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You get a snow block illuminated from within. I believe it was Whelen was looking into an electric heater mounted inside the lights to address the problem. Never heard if it was placed into production. I'd think that it would negate some of the LED advantages. Probably would have to run an extra power wire just for the heater.


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Looks like it'd work, but this apparently would only work on lights using 400 series lens. They should look at something that could be retro-fitted to other LED lights commonly in use. Like, for instance, the MSP LED beacon, or the L31 and 32 lights.

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