Minitor 2 problem


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
Was wanting to use the battery out of a Minitor 2 pager to test two other Minitor 2 pagers. Neither worked, so when I put the battery back in the original Minitor 2, it doesn't power up. I placed the battery in the spare battery charger on the amplified pager charger, and that light came on. But, when putting the battery in the pager and then placing the pager in the amplified pager charger, it won't work that way, either.

Any simple troubleshooting tips I could do/check that might resolve this situation? Possible ideas of the problem?

*Edit* Discovered the problem.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
Don't leave us hanging... what was the problem?


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
JohnMarcson said:
Don't leave us hanging... what was the problem?

If you're chewing gum, spit it out. If you're about to take a drink of something, don't do it. If you're eating, spit it out or finish chewing and swallow. Got a tobacco product IN your mouth, spit all of it out. Burnin' a cigerette, put it out.

Now all the warnings are out of the way.......

I was putting the battery in upside down. :oops:


I rarely mess with Minitor II's, hence the boneheaded move. Since you asked, I'll be man enough to admit it, though. Hope the rest of you get a good laugh, cuz I sure as shit was kickin' and screamin'.

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