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Aug 14, 2010
I'm placing this post on the odd chance someone here will see it and have some information available. I have a 1989 Minnesota Sate Patrol Special Service Package Mustang (it is a 1 of 20) and have been working on returning it back to in-service specs. Unfortunately I'm only aware of 6 different in-service photos of these particular vehicles, with none of them being interior pictures. Although I understand quite a bit of variability existed due to the individual Trooper's input, it would be very helpful to obtain any period in-service interior pics you may have.

Also I understand the MSP may have used some type of customized radio stand. If so I understand it would have been fabricated by the Minnesota Prison Industries (MNCOR). If anyone has any perspective on them and/or photographs of what one of these might have looked like I would be very appreciative.

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NPS Ranger said:
Also try over on the copcar.com forums, they might be able to help.
Just an FYI.

I've heard horror stories about how they pick people apart from time to time and I've read some posts that do just that... Just be ready for it...

If you are a LEO, you could try officer.com and post in the Minnesota section as you could find one of the original officers that drove your car.
Shadow.. You heard ? or actually have seen people picked apart? are you registered there? The only ones who get picked apart are whackers and the people who want to do" Clown cars" totally inaccurate cars . MO is trying to do the right thing and be as accurate as possible.
Yea, I've heard stories from several people and read a couple of posts over there and I've seen it in those posts. I'm not going to get into anymore here, I'm just giving him a little heads up that it *COULD* happen.
A quick update to bring back on topic...

With some perseverance and following one lead to the next, I have managed to connect with the individual who (with his company) originally equipped all 20 of the 1989 Minnesota State Patrol SSP Mustangs. The MSP evidently subcontracted the work to an emergency equipment company in the Twin Cities. I think he was surprised to hear from me, that 20 years have already passed, and it brought back some fond memories. I'm hopeful he's going to be able to dust off some good information on equipment setups for me...and by the grace of God hopefully some additional pictures. Maybe will get lucky and he'll have kept his records all these years and perhaps, just perhaps, will even know how my VIN # vehicle left his shop. But that's just shooting for the stars ;) and I'll be thrilled with just learning more to help round out what I have already accumulated on the history of these great MSP cars. Will keep everyone posted.
Thats very cool. I've been learning that information comes in spurts, some times you won't be able to find anything and then all of the sudden you will find someone who knows a lot about the car you are restoring. That's what makes restorations fun.

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