Mobile radio external speaker help


Nov 26, 2010
South Georgia
I have an external speaker hooked up to the remote head of my Kenwood TK-730 G I have the volume turned up all of the way and I can barely hear the audio. I have all of the wires hooked up like their supposed to be. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee
If it is similar to the Kenwood 790, one form of the control head (with eight character read-out) requires a power jumper among the pins to increase audio output to an external speaker, whereas the more familiar fourteen-character control head only uses an external speaker. With an internal speaker and basic control head, two different audio outputs can be selected. (Without the install manual for reference, I seem to recall there is a ten watt difference. The internal speaker is four watts audio output, and the external speaker, fourteen watts.)

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