Most $$$ you Spent on a Vintage Light???


May 21, 2010
Wilkes-Barre, Pa
Thought this might be interesting to throw out there.

What is the most you shelled out for a vintage lightbar or beacon?

Was it worth it????

I'll start it off with my CTS Twin and that was about $350. Yes, it was worth it.
Most expensive for me so far has been a Federal 174 Super Beacon Ray. I paid almost $200. It works just fine, the skirt is uncut and clean, the dome is slightly faded and the badge has lost all of its red color. Don't know what it would fetch today.
:D $265 :D For a complete Unity Uni-rack I with NIB red spitfire dome and all lights working! (1969 version)

:!: Great find!!!!! :!:
Whelen commander oscillating beacon, $375
Amazingly the first light I ever got I did not know the going price on and got real jipped for it. It was one of my

model 175 hill lights I got for a wopping $500.00. Man was I ticked off when I found out how much they really go for. :eek:
I paid $1,000. for a Whiting light which is the round one with the filligree on my web site. I restored and sold another for $1,350. I have one in restoration at present that will sell for $1,500. In addition, I sold a completely restored Aurora Borealis for $1,500.

John Dorgan
got a new in the box cts bar for free..... bought a cts bar for $600
I purchased a Whelen 8000 on flea bay for $180 something shipped. :x Basic 4 strobe solid blue domes. :eek: What sucked was about a month later my chief had me strip out an old bambalance that he got that had 2 of them on it and I got both bars for $0. :oops:

The least I spent was on a Mars Spectrasystem fully loaded, two 888's, two 3 bulb rotators w / the multi-level bulb holders, two wig-wags, with NOS domes. I got it(errr shall I say stole it) for around $60. :lol:

Win some lose some
NOS still in original box and packing, with hardware and instructions, Federal Enterprises Inc. 6 volt Model 17

, Red, absolutely pristine Beacon Ray. $400.00 plus shipping.

$230 for my 8-rotator AeroDynic:

$60 for the bar itself from Rwo978, $170 for some good used amber lenses in a separate deal with a different fellow.

Worth it? Yep! It's one of my favorite lightbars that I have seen in so many movies and TV shows.
ERIC6913 said:
800.00 for a NIB Federal Signal Arjent LED lightbar.

Re: Most $$$ you Spent on a Vintage Light
300.00 NOS/DEMO Code 3 360 fully loaded D-tech, Led Steadys, full arrow, lower D-teach. ALL RED AND BLUE D-TECHs
An speaking of a code 3 do you get D-Techs on the lower area?
ERIC6913 said:
what about the whelen edge or code 3 360 or aerodynic mentioned by other people, John

I was picking on this one because it is LEDs :lol:
The lower front pods on the 360 have room for a fullsize rotator.

Most I ever spent on a vintage light....probably $425 for one of my McDermott high risers.

I remember paying $320-something for my NYPD Aerotwin & 170-something for my CTS bar.

jdh said:
An speaking of a code 3 do you get D-Techs on the lower area?
Close to $3000 for 2 truckloads of vintage lights from Ford Dealer...........

Close to $2000 for 2 truckloads of lightbars from an old Arkansas distributor..........

Plus all the gas to pay for those road trips.........good times!
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$1,350.00 from John Dorgan for a Whiting light - which was done BETTER than new-a perfect restoration and one of the finest pieces in my light and siren collection. If you have ever bought from John, you understand what I mean by the light being PERFECT! There is a picture of a Whiting Light on John's website.

Thanks, Billy G
$330 for a really good 6 rotor Aerodynic which is the first lightbar I ever got....the seller lists a lot of lights on Craigslist which are WAY over the time I was really new at this and had no idea about prices..lesson learned I guess
Someone used this as an example in a PA lights thread and and reminded me of the most I ever seriously considered spending on a vintage light. ... p?lid=2153

Came close to calling and offering $550 or $600 for this when it first showed up on the old board.... but got wife-veto hard..... Utility companies send 3 copies of a bill before they shut stuff off and put you in collections... right guys? :twisted:
:shock: $265 for this baby, including brand new in box splitfire red lense!!!

:mrgreen: Also the only 1 I've ever purchased! :mrgreen:

Most $$$...that's before or after complete restoration?? :lol:

Sometimes, I guess you spend more getting it all to work than the original purchase price...
toon80 said:
Most $$$...that's before or after complete restoration?? :lol:

Sometimes, I guess you spend more getting it all to work than the original purchase price...
+1 to that, for sure

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