Motorola 9000 Switchbox Help!?


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Hello All,
I'm hoping one of our light/siren guru's can help me out here. Many moons ago, I had a Motorola 9000 head/control unit in my Jeep Grand Cherokee (it for perfectly by taking out the AC vents in the center Dash area).
Now I've come across a lot of these head units on online auctions but if memory serves me correctly, there was another box that connected to it (mounted under the seat) that had all the wires coming out to connect the lights leads to. All I've found is "Alpha" control boxes like I described which are siren boxes. I remember mine did NOT have the siren options (& I don't want them now), just wire leads coming out for lights, positive & negative power, etc.

Can someone please point me in the right direction (part #s would be great also). Below is the head unit. Thanks all in advance!IMG_9451.JPG


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Those boxes are just low current switching. There was never an official Relay box that went with them ( to my knowledge ), but some people have found suitable relay boards to work with them, as referenced in this thread:

The pinout lifted from

The pinout of the DB25 on the HLN1196A (maybe also HLN1206) Auxilliary Switch Panel (wildcard box) is as follows:

DB25 Pin Description
1 A+ for lamp power
2 SW5 N.O.
3 SW5 Common
4 SW5 N.C.
5 SW7 N.O.
6 SW7 Common (Momentary)
7 SW7 N.C.
8 SW8 N.O.
9 SW8 Common (Momentary)
10 SW8 N.C.
11 SW3 N.O.
12 SW3 Common
13 SW3 N.C.
14 SW6 N.C.
15 SW6 Common
16 SW6 N.O.
17 Ground for lamps
18 SW4 Common
19 SW4 N.O.
Note: SW4 N.C. contact is not brought out to the connector
20 SW1 N.O.
21 SW1 Common
22 SW1 N.C.
23 SW2 N.C.
24 SW2 Common
25 SW2 N.O.


Code352 beat me to the posting.
My thread is listed in the posted link that code352 linked.
Switches are rated at about 0.5amps each. Definitely need a relay for each switch.
There are 2 versions as code352 posted. One version is 7 switches and 1 momentary. The other is 6 switches and 2 momentary. Just depends on your needs/wants.
Let me know if you need help. Will try my best to answer. I have one installed and love it.

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