Motorola radios , accessories, antenna's and Paul Conway traditonal style fire Helmet

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May 23, 2010
Northen Il USA
Here is a list of some of my extra radio stuff that I am looking move to make room on the shelves.

#1. HT1000 VHF 16ch H01KDC9AA3CN 5 watts with scan Comes with a NEW style speaker mic, NEW motorola antenna, 2 good used Hi cap batteries belt clip and rapid charger. It is a late model CN and will do Narrowband, It is in great shape but does have the former FD name professional engraved on the front. Programming included.

Asking $160 shipped priority mail

#2. Saber IE VHF 24ch H43YBG7139CN 6 watts Comes with an antenna, belt clip, Newer hi cap battery and desktop rapid charger. Radio is in excellent shape one minor scratch by the PTT key. It's former Phoenix FD radio still engraved on the back. Programing included for free

Asking $110 shipped priority mail

#3. Radius P200 VHF 146-162 6ch H43RFU7160BN 5 watts Excellent shape Comes with a newer NiMh hi Cap battery. New stubby VHF antenna, speaker mic, Belt clip and Desktop charger. It is currently on some Ham repeaters but works fine in 150-160 range. I cant program this one. I have the cable but No software.

asking $60 shipped priority

Accessories and Misc...

Motorola DVP code inserter/ keyloader securenet DVP modle T3010BX Mint! NEW Hi cap aftermarket battery and cable with Hirose connector Includes rapid charger.

Asking $110 shipped priority mail

2 Vehicle chargers for the XTS3000/5000/Jedi I since replaced mine in the jeep with an Impress model.

#1 NTN9176C supports nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), andLithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Great shape complete with bracket and plug

$50 includes flat rate USPS Prority mail

#2 NTN8660B supports (NiCd) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH) Good shape complete with bracket and plug

$35 includes flat rate USPS Prority mail

3 HT1250 users guides still in the plastic $ 7 ea or $18 for all 3. shipped

EX600 users manual used but in good shape $6

Saber II secure users manual good shape $6

Heavy duty metal 3" belt clip for HT/MT/MTS Jedi radios $6

New antennex black trunk lip mount w/BNC connector. I can change to PL239 or mini uhf $20 shipped

2 New comtelco NMO mount 450-470mhz 6" whips black or silver $10

Antennex 806-866 mhz low profile antenna black $15

Antennex 150-160 Cell look alike black. $15

Used NMO with stainless "L" bracket. 20ft cable w/ Mini uhf end. used for 1 week $ 15

Jedi HT/MT/MTS external antenna adapter NTN5517ASP1 cable New in package $35 shipped

New Maxrad 806-960/1710-1990 dualband low profile black antenna $25 shipped

Vertex LF-1 inline DC power line filter New in the package $15

Paul conway traditonal style fire helmet Black with green tetrahedrons very good shape. Ajustable size, Used mostly for training only missing bourkes $120 shipped

pics avalible

Payment by paypal prefered

PM with ???'s
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