mPower steady burn trio help

I am trying to set up a RAW mPower stud mount to flash trio, and steady red. I can only get it to flash RA and will only steady burn W. The instructions have me more confused than when I started and would love some help...this is not a blueprint build, and I am not experienced with Soundoff. Thanks in advance y'all.

John Smith

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So, to start, you need to pick one of the 3 modes, called function tables in the install manual. Pick the one you like best, unfortunately that's your only option for modes. The only one that offers flash dual is Table 2, so you must be in that. Looks like you'll want to be in Table 1, that will flash all 3 colors or steady burn white (Color 3).

So first step is to change the lights to Table 1. Then red wire to +12v will flash all 3 colors, and +12v to the red/white wire will steady white. You can also flash any one of the colors with other combos of powering the 3 wires if you want.

Next go through and choose flash patterns.

John Smith

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To change function table, power the light up so it's flashing(!), Must be flashing, not steady. While flashing, ground the white wire for between 4-5 seconds, then release. When you're between that time frame, the light will go steady high, steady low, steady high, steady low. Once it goes steady low for the second time, release the white wire from ground. This will advance you to Table 3. So this once more, and you'll be in Table 1.

Now your red white should flash all 3 colors, red/white should steady white. If it doesn't, try the reset procedure. I had to do that on a nForce I got.

You should be able to figure out flash patterns on your own. If not, let me know.

John Smith

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Oh, looks like on the tables your ONLY option is steady white, not any of the other colors. This is one of the major drawbacks of SOS, without blueprint or nexus, you can only operate them via one of those tables.

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