Mt. Juliet Tn Volunteer Fire Dept.

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May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
I heard that the new Mt. Juliet Volunteer fire dept. was pretty hard up for volunteers. Anybody here one of them? What are the requirements to get on with them? any info helps, thanks!

Couldn't really find any contact info on the web for the department though.


May 22, 2010
San Antonio, Texas
Call the EMA department tomorrow and they should be able to get you in touch with the proper person... most vol. have a clean record and able to go thru the training they ask....


May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee
Mt. Juliet has been planning a volunteer dept. for nearly two years to supplement county station 3, which provides its fire service protection.

These contacts were mentioned on WKRN-TV news:

Mt. Juliet City Manager Randy Robertson said, "They [WEMA] fight the fires, they handle the emergency calls for us. We need to supplement that a little bit with our growth."

Mt Juliet resident Shawn Donovan is a city of Franklin firefighter and approached city leaders earlier this year with a proposal to start a volunteer fire company.

Wilson County is now the fastest growing county in Tennessee. If you are also cross-trained and qualify as a EMT-IV or paramedic, there are job opportunities with ambulance services including possible employment with WEMA - Wilson Emergency Management Agency, which has a paid and volunteer fire department EMS responders under the EMA offices.

Contact info for the city manager: Randy Robertson City Manager,, 615-754-2552, ext. 201

Wilson County EMA - on the web at

Fast LT1

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May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
smokeeater said:
wonder if they would set up houseing for people to come there.....if they could find me a job locally id move be a volunteer

That would be sweet i would do the same thing, My dad and grandpa both work in nashville and since i don't have a job here i've been looking there. If they would set up housing or give us discounted apartments or something i'd be in!

Jarred J.

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May 21, 2010
Shelbyville, TN
im about an hour from there. we have a guy on there board who is involved with wema. (username)

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