MX7K Arrowstick


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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
If it is a halogen ArrowStik inside your MX7000, then it is negative-side switched.

The Basic ArrowStik controller (PN 7410) has one main ground (negative) wire, probably 12 AWG, black, with a yellow fully insulated female spade connector. The controller switches on or off the ground to the five sections of lights via the brown, orange, violet, yellow, and blue wires in the seven-wire cable goes to the ArrowStik. There are two additional wires in the seven-wire cable: red and red/white. These two take constant +12v, as does the single wire at position 7 in your seven-wire green plug on the back of your controller. That single positive wire at position 7 provides +12v to the controller to run the circuitry to create the flash patterns and make the indicator LEDs light up.

This is what the Basic ArrowStik controller (PN 7410) has for a wiring diagram. You can also see the main black wire sticking out of the back of the controller, which you connect to constant ground. For your reference, this picture shows the bottom of the PN 7410. The front face of the controller, which has the black selector knob and white power button, is shown facing down in this picture.



May 22, 2010
indiana, USA
ok heres my question then i have all the same light bar and controller i hooked it up as shown and i have 8 lights in my arrow stick how do i hook it up to have the lights function as they should?

Shawn L

May 21, 2010
Corbett, Oregon
Shues your not 100% correct, not all mx arrowsticks were ground switched, the very first ones were positive switched, the light board actualy grounded to the frame of the lightbar via the mounting legs, and the center assy had a ground wire. you just need to test your bar and figgure out what the bar is, w/o the controler hooked up or anything just ground the lightbar frame and apply power to the arrowstick wires, if nothing lights up then try hooking power to the 2 red wires, and apply ground to the colored wires, if you have a ground switched bar this is how they should light up.


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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
Oh, that's right Shawn! Some of the oldest ones, where the end reflectors were actually cut in a triangle shape were that way.


May 25, 2010
Addison, NY
Another way is the number of wires in the arrowstick cable...if its 7 its ground switched and if its either 6 or 8 dont remember, I think its 6 though its positive switched!

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