My collection so far

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
Well, I Dont think Ive posted my collection yet so here it is!



Cal spec jet, finished restoration.

-4 Chain driven Rotators

-2 Alley Lights

-2 Rear amber flashers

-1 takedown

-1 Red Steady burn

Target Tech Turbo Beam Plus model 47 NOS

-4 H1 Rotators


Target Tech Priority One

-2 Alley Lights

-4 Rotators

-1 takedown

Target Tech TurboFlash

- 10 Strobes

Target Tech Pathmaker

- 2 Alley lights

-4 Rotators

-6 Strobes

-2 Takedowns

-2 Work Lights


-Dominion Automotive mod.357 Round top 2 beam revolving lamp

-Dominion Automotive 2 beam revolving lamp flat top

-Dominion Automotive Intermediate Revolving lamp

-Dominion Automotive 4 way alternaing flasher

-Dominion Automotive Junior revolving lamp Chrome base NOS

-Dominion Automotive Volunteer teardrop

-Dominion Auto Junior blue


Dominion auto doubles/triples in other colors.


Dominon Automotive Turbo Flash 22, 8 strobe

Domnion Automotive Turbo Beam plus 22 NOS


-SVP mirror


-SWS model 200zm with mirror

-Code 3 Dashlaser-M

-Federal Signal Firebeam FBME dual speed


Star Warning Systems Interceptor, NOS

- 5 Rotators

-2 takedowns

-Work lights

Target Tech Turbo beam

-2 rotators

-1 Worklight


May 21, 2010
Hazen, ND
Looks really good, man!

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
fedsig7 said:
love that jet

The jet is nice, but the gears on the blue side dont mesh well anymore, so itll skip until both rotators face the same way.

Hoping to get a wrecker special aero sometime!

but i did see a nypd aero listed locally for 80$, near mint!


May 24, 2010
It's nice to know there is someone out there collecting Dominion Auto stuff. I remember seeing lots of it where I live, and there are still some flat top rotary beacons in service.

The only piece of Dominion Auto equipment I want is a Siren Master electronic siren. It is the same as the North American Signal Siren Master except that I don't think the Dominion Auto version has the 'riot' tone.

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
FedSigFan said:
Is the center dome on that Jet painted silver, or is it aluminum... or...?

Its a black center painted Ford Harvest Gold.

ERIC6913 said:
hey richard,

i just recently had some turbobeam speaker grilles mirror polished and they look great. let me know if you're interested in one.

What length are they? Im always Interested in turbo beam parts!


May 24, 2010
Laval, Canada
I have had issues with the teeths of my AeroDynic. Some teeths were bent and worned out pretty bad and made the whole bar tend to hesitate every rotation. I grinded off the torn plastic with sandpaper on the edge of a knife. Just sanded off enough so the teeth could go by. Since, it doesn't skip or wobble, and goes smooth. But still, sometime, both outer rotators start to wobble as they rotate. I have to stop the bar and repower it. I guess I need to put more hoemade spacers under the gears shafts, as there is some play and I think this is the wobble cause... Bar is 28 years old so...

Great stuff you have there! And I dunno but if I could find the info, as I see that you like turbo beam rotator bars, there are hundreds of public services cars in Montreal that use Turbo beam bars and are slowly switching over to leds. If you could get your hands on 'em... ;)

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