My install on my POV (LEO)

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  1. smso966

    smso966 Newbie

    This is my current setup. I did the entire install myself, I've had experience in the industry prior to becoming a LEO.
    I didn't post every function for brevity.
    Rear flood is automatically activated when shifting into reverse.
    Currently working on getting a rumbler installed along with another set of cannons in my reverse lights.

    Any other comments or suggestions appreciated.

    All of my equipment was purchased through Cajunblitz at Emerg aequip.
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  2. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    What equipment do you currently have installed?
  3. smso966

    smso966 Newbie

    Fed Sig Smart Siren SS2000-SS
    2x old Fed Sig Dynamax speakers in the grill
    Sound off headlight flasher
    Old Feniex Cobra Headliner bar
    Old dual color Feniex Cannon 120's in the fogs placed to focus on intersection warning
    Old dual color Feniex Cannon 120's in the cab lights
    Commander 6 head linear bar in back glass
    Two Ecco 3510's between the tailgate and rear bumper.
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  4. Bvfa23

    Bvfa23 Junior Member

    Nice job!

    Can you hook me up with a part number for the sound off flasher you used for the HLF and possibly a couple pics of where you tapped the wires?

    Looking to install a HLF on my Silverado
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  5. smso966

    smso966 Newbie

    Sound Off SS Isolated Select a Pattern

    purchased from Cajunblitz at Emerg Equip.

    I tapped per instructions behind each high beam bulb.
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  6. RL1

    RL1 Veteran Member

    What do you use it for?
  7. smso966

    smso966 Newbie

    I don't have a take home, so I use it for call outs, crashes I happen upon, natural disasters... and sometimes, every once-in-a-while, I just like to get drunk and watch the blinky woo woos in my garage.

    Honestly, it's used more than u would expect. I've actually had to run full code from my house to I-10 to block and close the roadway, diverting all the traffic to the exit. I did this alone for over an hour until relieved by state police. There had been a fiery fatal crash involving multiple big rigs on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge that had tied up all other in service units.
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  8. firebuff17

    firebuff17 Member

    I believe many members on this forum do this very same thing. Although they may not publicly announce it. Lol.
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  9. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    haha yup!
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  10. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    Looks great brother. I'd really like to see some side warning (in order to maintain the low profile look you currently have, I'd recommend intersectors under the side mirrors) and a pair of grill lights (ideally a pair of large grill lights or a 600/800 lightstick b/c I think tiny grill
    Lights look stupid in a pickup grill).

    As for the commander stick, i think it'd be more effective to have the 3 red modules alternating with the 3 blue modules (larger footprint) on slow speed similar to what u currently have

    I like the idea of getting cannons for the reverse lights; i would recommend the same. Maybe consider doing Amber/clear, though, so that you have a little Amber added to the mix in the rear
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  11. smso966

    smso966 Newbie


    I was thinking of going amber with the reverse lights, but honestly white is used here to the rear as an additional color more than amber for LE.

    I have 2 pair of whelen TIR 6's I may put behind the grill. As for side, I was thinking something down under the rocker panels, like a tracer duo.
  12. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    I think a pair of solid color TIR6 (not split color) would look great behind the grill.

    Tracers are great, but remember 2 things:
    1) they're crazy expensive
    2) more importantly, I only consider them secondary warning because they're very low to the ground and easily obstructed from the view of other motorists. Combined with upper level side warning, I think they'd be great, but by themselves (as bright as they are) I think the side warning package will still be lacking.

    I realize that it's not the easiest thing to do while maintaining a lowpro setup, but I think the front and side corners are some of the most important areas b/c they outline your vehicle at night (since vehicles are usually parked at an angle). ie something under the tailgate facing sideways and something to improve the intersection area warning
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  13. Tom

    Tom Premium Member Silver Level Member

    I like that setup, very simple but very effective. I'd just recommend some side lighting in the future. Those Cannons do put out some nice output to the sides however!!

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