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Discussion in 'Wanted: Vintage and Collectible' started by irishff, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. irishff

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    I finally got settled into my new house and I am currently building out the man cave basement. I began my career in the 90's and therefore have a fondness for that era, I am always looking for lights to add to my collection, so here's a general list. These do not have to be perfect, I am not the new old stock kind of guy, I expect some use out of them. Here we go:

    SVP Hot Shot MIRROR

    Whelen Responder 2 Mini Bar, Clear w/ RB Filters or Blue Dome

    Whelen WS295 Siren, Black and White Face

    Whelen ws295hfsa5 or 6 - Older style

    SVP Teardrop Light - Amber

    Premier Hazard Blue Rotator, Looks like a dashlaser but slightly bigger

    Code 3 AS-2 Deck Lights - (2) One Red/Amber One Blue/Amber

    Thats all for now. I know some of you have this stuff sitting around collecting dust so why not sell it to me for a fair price. PM me directly. Thanks

    Federal Signal Fire Beam with Ultra-Flash Shield, Any color combination with blue - Found it

    Whelen Edge, 8 Strobe - Multi-Flector Model with Twist Lock inner Strobes Red/ Blue Lenses Preferred - found tsquale

    5-0 Light, Any Combination with Blue, I do not expect this to be complete (missing shield) - found taquale

    Code 3 LP mini bar, Clear Dome - Old Rotators, not the new style

    Whelen Responder Dashlight - Any Color

    Whelen Cadet - Found it

    SW400 Switch box-Found

    LP6000 All-Light, Would Prefer Clear Domes, Blue or Red Blue Filters-Found

    Code 3 Force 4xl Sealed Beam Bar red/blue or clear domes -Found

    Code 3 XL 4 rotators Speaker center 48" model -Found
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  2. tsquale

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    I have the Five O light, Edge (I think the kind you want), and the AS-D deck lights. I'll PM you.
  3. xtermn8

    xtermn8 Registered Member

    I like all of those xD

    Sick mancave you're making though I must say... I'm jealous :p
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  4. 894

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    We've got your firebeam and a responder, I believe...
  5. irishff

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  6. Jarred J.

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    in a few days i will have a sw400 that is missing 1 burned out light on the pursuit switch and i have a Whelen WS295 Siren that works but is not 100% on looks... will attach a picture tommorow
  7. Jarred J.

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    everything works on both except the 1 led on the 2w400
  8. tsquale

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    Pm sent. I have a Code 3 XL 48" that is fully loaded and that I would sell someone
  9. irishff

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  10. Jarred J.

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    pm was sent 2 days ago :)
  11. ryan

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  12. irishff

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    Dang it, there goes the contingency fund I'll be PM'ing you later.
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  13. irishff

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    still needed
  14. EVP4207

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    I Have the AS-2 Red/Amber & Blue Amber
  15. irishff

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    Please pm me a price

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