need help raising and lowering golight!!!!


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Jan 9, 2011
northern colorado, USA
ok so the problem is we need to mount a go light on top of a truck, it needs to be in the lowered position for driving around and still be able to function, and then it needs to be able to rise 10-20 inches at the flick of a switch, im thinking something like the antenna booms you see on top of news crew vans only mini. i can not seem to fing any kind of product to do this, it will be mounted on the headach rack of a truck so there will be 10ish inches of room down below the go light, fabing something together is an option if i come acrost the right idea. the main requirements are that it must be:

linear, go straight up and down, or at least keep the go light level (some type of scissor lift might be an option)

reliable, must always work when needed

weather proof, it will be mounted exposed to the elements

electrical, no hydraulics or pneumatics

anyone have a good idea?
linear actuator?
I agree with Shawn. Thats what we have on ALL of our trucks. You pull a lever and push them up! Very Simple. You could take one to your local welding shop and have them weld a flat top plate on it for the golight.

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