Negitive Switched Leds


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Jul 14, 2010
USA Maine
Sho-ME LED Micro Rotary Switch with Built-In Flasher Part Number 11.1025.008

I was wondering what it means when it says "THIS IS A NEGATIVE SWITCHED FLASHER FOR LED LIGHTS ONLY***"

What I was wondering is if this switch would work to control 8 separate led light heads for a custom project.

The lights that I have are a 3 LED light head that run off 12V.

Do I just run the hot wires from all the light heads to the battery, and then connect all the negative wires to the switch???

Well if anyone can help or lead me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it. Thanks


May 25, 2010
Plymouth, NH
All you have to do is take each negative wire from each light head and connect it to the flasher. The flasher comes with wiring directions to tell you what color to hook to each numbered head so they will be in sequence. Then you connect all the positive wires to the positive!


May 21, 2010
Vermillion SD
mouth said:
would I still put a fuse in the positive side or in negative?? and thanks for the quick reply

Always. . . . ALWAYS!! Fuse the positive. If you dont something as simple as a pinched wire or a small rub on the frame and your whole car will soon be a pretty bonfire.


May 27, 2010
Boise Idaho area
What they said......

I used this particular flasher and 8 'drone' TIR3's to build a VERY effective custom TA that is installed below the tailgate and above the bumper on my Explorer. Because it is tucked back under this way, it is almost completely invisible until it is turned on and then is very easily seen by all except for maybe an 18-wheeler that's right behind me at a stop light ;) .

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