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Discussion in 'Transaction Feedback' started by gtpts27, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. gtpts27

    gtpts27 Registered Member

    Took 3 weeks to ship bar, arrived w dome damage (busted endcap) which I'm yet to be compensated for (or updated about regarding status of UPS claim), and seller has been slow to respond through this site and through email throughout transaction (prior to shipping and now). Fortunately used PayPal so have buyer protection if it comes to that.
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  2. Dave-O

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    I had a problem with their site while I was trying to place an order. While they were quick to respond to my email, it took them a while to fix the problem. I got the impression that it is a small operation.

    Strangely enough the problem was that the "add to cart" button wasn't showing up on a lot of the items I needed, so I was forced to buy them elsewhere. Good luck!

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