New Custom LED beacon I'm marketing to JDI Inc. !!

What do you think??

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  • What planet did that come from?

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  • Seriously, JDI should market the crap outta that!!

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Being like minded as the folks at JDI, I came up with a new take on the old dash lazer/fireball/beam/hotshot beacon. It features everything that modern day responders are looking for.....

LED (10 flash patterns per module, and yes 'off'' is one of the patterns)
Self contained rechargeable power source (up to infinite run time on a certain flash pattern)
Multi color availability (modules available in R/W/B/A/G, R/B, A/W thus creating a rainbow of blob outs)
Customizable patterns (run each module in any of the flash patterns for ultimate sync fail)
Easy to upgrade/downgrade (order extra modules for your inner whacker)
High flash rate (up to 720fpm with the right flashback mirror)
Unlimited mounting options (each module is magnetic and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, diagonally)
Compact (about the same size as a FS Fireball II, although it's not as effective as a FBII)
Cost effective (MSRP pending, but we'll guarantee it'll cost less than one of your children)
Industry standard warranty (let's say 90 days, no refunds/returns)

(P.S. The posted poll is up for 30 days (720 hours, get it, ha ha??)

Introducing the Riddic-u-flash 720 beacon!!!



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Ok Seriously .... WAAAAYYYY Too Much Time on your hands, What About Counter Rotating Lights that start Opposite Each Other so they Only pass each other Together 2 times front and rear, but so both colors can be seen separately .... you can even run them on the roof... Say Havent we seen similar lights on UFO's??? I WONDER!


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Sorry, in order to facilitate the maximum FPM these were mandated design characteristics of no sync. I have yet to receive a response from JDI on interest.

Stampeed Valkyrie

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Too much flashback. Can't be used on dashboard in PA.
Don't even get me started on what I have seen bolted to a dashboard in PA..
I think there might still be a thread on elb with some of the pics I found..

And technically.. it's illegal to have any sort of internal lighting unless your Police.. in PA.
Western PA state police are real sticklers about this.. Eastern PA State Troopers could seem to care less..

Pete L.

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LOVE the sound track. The beacon . . . . . . . . . are you sure you aren't the love child of Jazz ??
I thought I had time on my hands, you sir win that game :eek:
Yes, it is a cool video.

Jarred J.

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i guess it beats the old cell phone app i used to see on here LOL


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dash sized light in 1 or 2 speeds in 1 or 2 colors along the lines of a FedSig SLR rotator is all that's needed for this market, beyond those features it's fluff

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