New "Real World" Pain Chart Released


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May 20, 2010
Seriously, I think they should make this standard.


(sorry if I have posted this before...)
Yet I've heard many patients rate their pain an 8 or 9 in a calm, cool voice after they tripped and fell or something :roll:

If you can talk clearly, it ain't an 8 or 9....sorry try again haha
I've got one of those plastic sliding scales at some hospital - I use it for a boredom meter at meetings.
That reminds me of a call I was on while doing one of my many required police ride alongs during dispatcher training. Went to a 7-11 cuz some transient asshole threw a full water bottle thru the window of the store and it shattered all over the place, was ridiculous. When it shattered, it had ever so slightly grazed an employee's finger. We roll up and he starts screaming about how he wants to press assault charges because of this graze, when the officer asked him what he thought the pain threshold was, explaining it as "1 being only slightly uncomfortable, and 10 being the worst pain you could experience, like child birth", and the guy responds with "definitely a 7 or an 8". I had to turn around so the guy couldn't see the giant smile that came over me, and the cop goes "i think you're going to have trouble describing that pain as a 7 or 8 in court."
I've had that chart for a couple months and I'm actually taking a copy with me for my neck surgery as they might get a laugh. Currently I am living in the 7-8 category for the past few months even with the meds.
Where is the "I want narcotics" level?
JohnMarcson said:
Where is the "I want narcotics" level?
3-4 depending on the number of teeth they have...

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