New Siren, Federal 28?

I just found this sitting on the floor in an antiques shop I frequent. Practically stole it for the price. Great thing is it works just fine! Comparing to my other M28 (on the display stand) It is a bit different. For one the motor is a lot bigger in diameter. It's about 4-1/2" in diameter, where my other 28 is only about 3-1/2. The rear plate is stamped MAB2 and a "D". My other one is stamped MAB-2 with an "ST". Both have 8 ports. I assume it's a model variation or an big age difference. The stand is stamped "8209 C10 MB". My other 28 did not have an original stand. Any info on model and age is greatly IMG_20210801_174140108.jpgIMG_20210801_174152967.jpgIMG_20210801_174204893.jpgIMG_20210801_174233138.jpgIMG_20210801_174247095.jpgIMG_20210801_174257120.jpgIMG_20210801_174306847.jpgIMG_20210801_174432842.jpgappreciated. I will get a new tag of it and remove the fancy flame pattern someone put on it at some time.


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Well I don't know how the txt go split by the pictures but I can't edit it now.. this site is getting to frustrating to work with not being able to edit errors.

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