Newbie from germany with a North Ridgeville CVPI


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Jan 16, 2024

I am completely new to the world of emergency lights. Recently I fulfilled my childhood dream and imported an used Ford Crown Vic to Germany. Doing some research I figured out it was used as a cruiser in the North Ridgeville police department OHIO back in the time (from 2010 until 2019).

I would love to bring this unit back to its original look. Already figured out the complete history of this car. I know it was NRPD Unit 51 (special detail car X-96). I even found a picture of this unit being still in service (plus tons of other similar cruisers from NRPD), so I have a pretty good impression what the car looked from the outside.

Still have no clue about the inside. Maybe I am super lucky and somebody from here does know the north Ridgeville Department and can help, especially with sirens and radio :D Still has the original console mounted.

But first goal is to get the decals right and then install my already purchased Federal Signal Vista Lightbar. I want to get the installation as accurate as possible and hope to learn how in this forum ;-)




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