No Longer Making lights...


May 21, 2010
Should have posted this a while ago, people keep asking me, but i am unfortunately no longer into making these things...

Basically i just do not have the time to do it with work and other things, and i will hopefully be starting a paramedic program (accelerated 9 month program) in the next month giving me almost no free time with studying.

I do have some stuff left over to make a light or two here and there if someone is interested but other than that im pretty much done.

If anyone is interested in buying parts at a pretty low price and i will tell you how to make your own, by all means send me a PM i will be more than happy to help you.

Thanks to everyone, sold a lot of these things, didn't quite my make investment back (nowhere near) but i made half of it back so its not that bad.


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