Not vintage, but its in my collection!

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
I went on a trip down south to Toronto with my girlfriend a few days ago, she did 5 hours shopping at one mall, then my turn came up! well, it was 4pm, and I wanted to get some sort of light, be it vintage found on craigslist (nothing) or kijiji (all the good ads with nice lights were gone) or new from stores. I call Unlisted to see if he knew of any place, D&R electronics was all, and theyre showroom by appointment only. then I got an idea, Canadian Towing Equipment!

Lots of nice lights, bars you name it. they closed at 5, so i had to be quick, I bought some new chains for the truck and had a nice jetstream in mind, price was $795. next morning I decided to buy, heres the best part, he knocked $100 off, since We were out of town shoppers, but when I went to pay with my bank card, he typed in$185 into the debit maching, I paid 185!!!! I dont think it was a mistake, since he looked at the receipt when he gave it to me, he really wanted to give me a deal the night before. I cjecked my bank account, sure enough, 185 came out, But my invoice says 795, good write off for my business!

thats enough jabbering, here pictures.


ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7120.jpg ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7121.jpg

ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7123.jpg ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7124.jpg

ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7125.jpg ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7126.jpg


And I got this, a 24" Ecco Evolution belt drive Minibar

ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7130.jpg ai25.photobucket.com_albums_c89_Richard3100_lightbar_20stuff_th_DSCN7129.jpg


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