May 21, 2010
Calhoun, TN
I am looking for study resources to help me prepare for the National Registry EMT-P exam. I am currently only Tennessee state certified and would like to get my National Registry. It has been over 14 years since I completed my paramedic course, although I did just complete my UMBC Critical Care EMT-P. I can take the test now, but like I said 14 years ago is a long time.

I know there are books, CD's, & DVD's for "Pass National Registry Exam" & such. I'm looking for one that is up to date, not based on the exam from 10 years ago. I am looking for suggestions on what would be the best resource for me to purchase & study. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee
Hey, RuralFireMedic,

I took the NREMT-P exam 22 years after finishing paramedic coursework, but I had taken the refresher course before I took the exam. The National Registry may have evaluation practice exams, and you can also check with Jim Cutcher, who is an instructor at Cleveland State C.C. Jim was a regional EMS consultant in Northeast Georgia. Rick Harrington at UT Lifestar also took the National Registry after a long time.

Besides practicing in some other states, many of the air medical services require National Registry for their flight medics.

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