NYPD AeroTwinSonic Restoration Questions


I have a couple of questions on specifics about the NYPD AeroTwinSonic 24RMVF-2Z.

What GE bulbs were used in this? I believe they were 4414 bulbs for the front and rear flashers, 4464r for the red rotators, and 4416 for clears?

Also, how was the cabling/control set up? I'm guessing one wire for power to the rotators, but were there separate controls for the front and rear flashers, or one cable for both? What type of flasher(s) was used?

I found one video on YouTube, but I don't believe it was a correct restore. Can't seem to find any more comprehensive information anywhere else.




I am still not sure if the sealed beams in the rotators where 4416/4416R or 4464/4464R.

I can only say that the sealed beams in the flashers where not wide angled ones. No one of all AeroTwinSonics I saw in NYC in 1987 had that.

They where to powerful and did not have any optics in the glass. If they where 4416 or 4464 I do not know.

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The front/rear flashers were 4414 (clear), same as other flashers/endlamps used in the original AeroDynics.

The rotators were 4464 (clear) and 4464R (red), same as other clear/red rotators in TwinSonics. BTW if you used amber or blue sealed beams for rotators in your TwinSonic or AeroTwinSonic they came with 4416A and 4416B because those colors were not made in 4464 at the time.

The rotators were on one circuit and the front/rear flashers operated together on another circuit using a single alternating flasher. L/R alternated.


Thanks! Somewhere I had read that they used 4416s for the clears. I just happened to buy a case and was hoping they were the ones. Looks like I have to get some 4464s.

I got it with 4416s in the flasher positions, but I knew they were the incorrect bulbs. I was also unsure if they had the front and rear flashers on separate circuits.

Now I have to see if I can find some correct cabling as they just had separate 10ga wire running into the bar for display purposes. I'm guessing it was four-conductor gray cabling - 1 black 10ga, 1 red 10ga, and brown & brown/white 14ga -- standard for the AeroTwins of the day?


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Black, red, blue, yellow, plus 2 brown for the speaker.

The 4464 clear are twice the wattage and twice the heat of the 4416, if you're using it for an indoor display it probably doesn't matter if you just leave the 4416. The 4464R are quite a bit brighter than the 4416R however.


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For indoor display, the lower wattage 4416's have a lot less amp draw, that may also be something to consider.


Although not NYPD-specific, the 1999 parts list shows the 60-watt, 110,000 candlepower 4464 & the H7600 (halogen, 37.5 watts, 60,000 candlepower.) 4416's are 30-watt, 35,000 candlepower. 4416R's have 4000 candlepower.

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