Outfitting some vehicles

Aug 20, 2010
OK, so I decided to post up what I originally had up. Apologies in advance if this is not allowed.

I am currently the Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor for my Security Company, and her sister company. Both are security, just different ends of the spectrum. I maintain all vehicles under both sides, and it has come onto my shoulders to outfit our marked security cars with lights. I've talked the owner out of allot of items, such as lights on the push bumpers, lights in ever single spot of the car (land based ufo?). I've helped them re-graphic the vehicles. They had this gaudy, horrendous looking bail-bonds looking wrap on the entire vehicle, and on every vehicle. Not all were re-graphiced at one time. This was done over a period of several months. With that, we have had numerous compliments that our vehicle look more professional, and have received more accounts. However, stipulations for those accounts state that we must have lights on top of the vehicle. So, after a long discussion with my boss of what he would find acceptable, the budget in mind for these, and if it was really necessary to have all the bells and whistles. His reply was no, but they do need to be Amber/Green.

OK, so here's what I've got to work with.

I. Decent out put.

II. Amber/green/

III. Takedowns/alleys

IV. Non-rotators

V. Halogen flasher/led is OK

VI. Low maintenance cost for the long term

VII. Budget of $450 starting for each bar. It can go up if needed, within reason.

I had thought of brand like Tomar, and Whelen with what he wants. When it comes to best Bar for the buck, I think you guys can help, especially over the other security “professionals” whom are all gaga over the Code3 Defender. I'm in love with that bar, but I think it's out of reach for now. Personally, I'd be happy with a Streethawk bar. I like that allot, but it's a rotator-bar. Other bars I've considered at first were the Vision/Vector and even RX2700. Then, I came back down to earth. I'd rather have those in a personal collection (except the Defender, that thing is wicked).

So, folks, what can you recommend? Not looking to look like cops, just looking for the est bar to fit with what I've been tasked with.




May 20, 2010
Massillon, Ohio
Your looking at edge bars only, based on price and wants. You can find a pallet of 8 strobe, alleys and t/d edges for $100-150 each and a lens kit from Debarker for another $150 you should be in the $400 range easy.


May 23, 2010
Not to sure if you were looking but you might want to consider a mini justice or sorts it can du Alley/Takedown and is LED. Or just look around for some mini bars they can work nice. Just a thought.
Aug 20, 2010

thank you. I will be sure to let him know. I'll drum up some info about it. So you have a link to where they are sold for that?


Yes, I considered these. They were among my top choices next to things like Edge's and the like. Unfortunatly, that was shot sown with the rotator's. Boss feel full bars are more proper to our needs.


I will definitly pass this along to him. As he has the final say, I cannot make any purchase's without proper consent. Those do look good though.

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