pa300 question

Aug 20, 2010
New Jersey USA
I just put a fed sig pa300 in my truck and for some reason, with the knob on manual when i turn the unit on the wail tone goes off it does this most of the time but not all the time. Does anyone have any thought in why it might be doing this, and is there a way to disable the siren and just keep the air horn and if so how hard would it be? And help is appreciated


Dec 8, 2010
I had that problem with a 295 I bought. I had to open it up to fix a few things that were causing it. However, you have a fed sig. Check the dipswitches and if it still does that, open it up to see if there are any cables unplugged or something. Also, make sure the wires on the harness are plugged in well and none of the metal pins are touching.

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