To all I have been a member for some time and once very active repairing and rebuilding vintage siren and lights. This hobby started over 35 years ago when first being assigned to nsu unit with the police department . In years to come I would retire and have a retirement hobby to make money and see them in action once again on old municipality vehicles.
Soon my dreams turned to sadness when I lost the love of my life to cancer. I soon realized not only did cancer take my wife but took my passion of doing what I loved as a hobby. You may ask why ,its not the same as you grow older and in my work shop sits her chair as she watched me bring life back into old beacons and sirens and man did she smile when that siren roared again . All of it sits now never been touched since she passed . So love the one your with and always tell them you love them . I had a blessed life and just enjoy my grand children and my children. I can say when I go to musters with my grandkids and see parades as I see the old rigs and all the federal or arrow lights spin I see her smile .
Everyone enjoy everyday with the one you love and make others happy in a simple act of kindness. Cancer has taken
my wife's life but not all the memories we made. As you go to musters try and support volunteers and especially the burn units as we did with funds from the rebuilding I have done. As a police officer I always done everything I could to make things positive. So to all enjoy your loved ones and make everyday a special one for someone in need. I make every effort to donate now to St. Jude maybe it will save somebody some day.


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I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I'm happy to hear that you're finding comfort with your grand children and are still going to musters


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Nice story. I hope some day soon you'll get back into your hobby. I'll bet your wife would wish the same, knowing how happy it made you and her. I also bet she;ll be smiling at every siren that you get cranking.
It's good to have joy and passion in your life. Take it from one of the older members here.
I watched my Dad in his older years and I so wished he had a hobby like the one we enjoy.
Best of luck, and I agree, love your spouse and family.

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